Mammals on Stamps

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Mammals are a class of warm-blooded vertebrates characterized by possessing a four-chambered heart, hair or fur, three middle ear bones, and a neocortex region in the brain. Females mammals generally possess mammary glands. Mammals range in size from the one inch Kitti’s Hog-nosed bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai) to the one hundred foot Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus).

All species of mammals are divided into three main categories depending upon how their young are born: (1.) Monotremes, (2.) Marsupials, and (3.) Placentals. Monotremes consist of five species of egg-laying mammals. Marsupials and Placentals give birth to live young. Placentals, the largest group of mammals, have a placenta that is used to feed the developing embryo during gestation.

There are over 5,000 species of mammals, distributed in 27 orders. The six largest orders, in descending order, are Rodentia (mice, rats, porcupines, beavers, capybaras, and other gnawing mammals), Chiroptera (bats), and Soricomorpha (shrews, moles and solenodons), Carnivora (dogs, cats, weasels, bears, seals, and their relatives), Cetartiodactyla (including the even-toed hoofed mammals and the whales) and Primates.

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Class Mammalia

(Over 5,000 species)

Order Monotremata

(Egg-laying Mammals)

Family Tachyglossidae (echidnas)

Genus Tachyglossus

Short-beaked echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus)

Genus Zaglossus

Sir David’s long-beaked echidna (Zaglossus attenboroughi)
Eastern long-beaked echidna (Zaglossus bartoni)
Western long-beaked echidna (Zaglossus bruijni)

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Family Ornithorhynchidae (platypuses)

Genus Ornithorhynchus

Duck-billed Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)

Order Didelphimorphia

Family Didelphidae (opossums, etc. – 18 genera and 107 species)

Genus Glironia
Bushy-tailed opossum (Glironia venusta)

Genus Caluromys (three species)
Bare-tailed woolly opossum (Caluromys philander)
Derby’s woolly opossum (Caluromys derbianus)
Brown-eared woolly opossum (Caluromys lanatus)

Genus Caluromyopsis
Black-shouldered opossum (Caluromyopsis irrupta)

Genus Hyladelphys
Kalinowski’s mouse opossum (Hyladelphys kalinowskii)

Genus Metachirus
Brown four-eyed opossum (Metachirus nudicaudatus)

Genus Chironectes
Yapok or water opossum (Chironectes minimus)

Genus Lutreolina
Lutrine or thick-tailed opossum (Lutreolina crassicaudata)

Genus Didelphis (six species)
White-eared opossum (Didelphis albiventris)
Big-eared opossum (Didelphis aurita)
Guianan white-eared opossum (Didelphis imperfecta)
Common opossum (Didelphis marsupialis)
Andean white-eared opossum (Didelphis pernigra)
Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

Genus Philander (seven species)
Anderson’s four-eyed opossum (Philander andersoni)
Deltaic four-eyed opossum (Philander deltae)
Southeastern four-eyed opossum (Philander frenatus)
McIlhenny’s four-eyed opossum (Philander mcilhennyi)
Mondolfi’s four-eyed opossum (Philander mondolfii)
Olrog’s four-eyed opossum (Philander olrogi)
Gray four-eyed opossum (Philander opossum)

Genus Marmosa (19 species)
Heavy-browed mouse opossum (Marmosa andersoni)
Isthmian mouse opossum (Marmosa isthmica)
Rufous mouse opossum (Marmosa lepida)
Mexican mouse opossum (Marmosa mexicana)
Linnaeus’s mouse opossum (Marmosa murina)
Quechuan mouse opossum (Marmosa quichua)
Robinson’s mouse opossum (Marmosa robinsoni)
Red mouse opossum (Marmosa rubra)
(Marmosa simonsi)
Tyleria mouse opossum (Marmosa tyleriana)
(Marmosa waterhousei)
Guajira mouse opossum (Marmosa xerophila)
(Marmosa zeledoni)
Alston’s mouse opossum (Marmosa alstoni)
White-bellied woolly mouse opossum (Marmosa constantiae)
Woolly mouse opossum (Marmosa demerarae)
Tate’s woolly mouse opossum (Marmosa paraguayanus)
Little woolly mouse opossum (Marmosa phaeus)
Bare-tailed woolly mouse opossum (Marmosa regina)

Genus Monodelphis (25 species)
(Monodelphis domestica)
Sepia short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis adusta)
Northern three-striped opossum (Monodelphis americana)
(Monodelphis arlindoi)
Northern red-sided opossum (Monodelphis brevicaudata)
Yellow-sided opossum (Monodelphis dimidiata)
Gray short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis domestica)
Emilia’s short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis emiliae)
Amazonian red-sided opossum (Monodelphis glirina)
Handley’s short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis handleyi)
Ihering’s three-striped opossum (Monodelphis iheringi)
Pygmy short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis kunsi)
Marajó short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis maraxina)
Osgood’s short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis osgoodi)
Hooded red-sided opossum (Monodelphis palliolata)
Reig’s opossum (Monodelphis reigi)
Ronald’s opossum (Monodelphis ronaldi)
Chestnut-striped opossum (Monodelphis rubida)
(Monodelphis sanctaerosae)
Long-nosed short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis scalops)
Southern red-sided opossum (Monodelphis sorex)
Southern three-striped opossum (Monodelphis theresa)
(Monodelphis touan)
Red three-striped opossum (Monodelphis umbristriata)
One-striped opossum (Monodelphis unistriata)

Genus Tlacuatzin
Grayish mouse opossum (Tlacuatzin canescens)

Genus Chacodelphys
Chacoan pygmy opossum (Chacodelphys formosa)

Genus Cryptonanus (four species)
Agricola’s gracile opossum (Cryptonanus agricolai)
Chacoan gracile opossum (Cryptonanus chacoensis)
Guahiba gracile opossum (Cryptonanus guahybae)
Unduavi gracile opossum (Cryptonanus unduaviensis)

Genus Gracilinanus (six species)
Aceramarca gracile opossum (Gracilinanus aceramarcae)
Agile gracile opossum (Gracilinanus agilis)
Wood Sprite gracile opossum (Gracilinanus dryas)
Emilia’s gracile opossum (Gracilinanus emilae)
Northern gracile opossum (Gracilinanus marica)
Brazilian gracile opossum (Gracilinanus microtarsus)

Genus Lestodelphys
Patagonian opossum (Lestodelphys halli)

Genus Marmosops (15 species)
Bishop’s slender opossum (Marmosops bishopi)
Narrow-headed slender opossum (Marmosops cracens)
Creighton’s slender opossum Marmosops creightoni
Dorothy’s slender opossum (Marmosops dorothea)
Dusky slender opossum (Marmosops fuscatus)
Handley’s slender opossum (Marmosops handleyi)
Tschudi’s slender opossum (Marmosops impavidus)
Gray slender opossum (Marmosops incanus)
Panama slender opossum (Marmosops invictus)
Junin slender opossum (Marmosops juninensis)
Neblina slender opossum (Marmosops neblina)
White-bellied slender opossum (Marmosops noctivagus)
Delicate slender opossum (Marmosops parvidens)
Brazilian slender opossum (Marmosops paulensis)
Pinheiro’s slender opossum (Marmosops pinheiroi)

Genus Thylamys (13 species)
Cinderella fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys cinderella)
(Thylamys citellus)
Elegant fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys elegans)
(Thylamys fenestrae)
Karimi’s fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys karimii)
Paraguayan fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys macrurus)
White-bellied fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys pallidior)
(Thylamys pulchellus)
Common fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys pusillus)
Argentine fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys sponsorius)
Tate’s fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys tatei)
Dwarf fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys velutinus)
Buff-bellied fat-tailed mouse opossum (Thylamys venustus)

Order Paucituberculata

Family Caenolestidae (shrew opossums)

Genus Caenolestes (four species)
Gray-bellied caenolestid (Caenolestes caniventer)
Andean caenolestid (Caenolestes condorensis)
Northern caenolestid (Caenolestes convelatus)
Dusky caenolestid (Caenolestes fuliginosus)
Eastern caenolestid (Caenolestes sangay)

Genus Lestoros
Peruvian or Incan caenolestid (Lestoros inca)

Genus Rhyncholestes
Long-nosed caenolestid (Rhyncholestes raphanurus)

Order Microbiotheria

Family Microbiotheriidae (monito del montes)

Order Dasyuromorphia

(most carnivorous marsupials)

Family Thylacinidae (Tasmanian tigers)
Family Myrmecobiidae (numbats)
Family Dasyuridae (Tasmanian devils, quolls, dunnarts, planigale, etc.)

Order Peramelemorphia

(bandicoots, bilbies, etc.)

Family Peramelidae
Family Peroryctidae

Order Notoryctemorphia

(marsupial moles)

Family Notoryctidae

Order Diprotodontia

(Kangaroo and relatives)

Family Phascolarctidae (koalas)
Family Vombatidae (wombats)
Family Phalangeridae (brushtail possums and cuscuses)
Family Potoroidae (bettongs, potaroos and rat kangaroos)

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Family Macropodidae (kangaroos, wallabies, etc.)
Family Burramyidae (pygmy possums)
Family Pseudocheiridae (ringtailed possums, etc.)
Family Petauridae (Striped Possum, Leadbeater’s Possum, Yellow-bellied Glider, Sugar Glider, Mahogany Glider and Squirrel Glider)
Family Tarsipedidae (honey possum)
Family Acrobatidae (Feathertail Glider and Feather-tailed Possum)

Order Afrosoricida

Tenrecs and Golden Moles

Order Xenarthra

Family Bradypodidae
Family Megalonychidae
Family Dasypodidae
Family Myrmecophagidae

Order Insectivora

Family Solenodontidae
Family Nesophontidae
Family Tenrecidae
Family Chrysochloridae
Family Erinaceidae
Family Soricidae
Family Talpidae

Order Scandentia

(two Families five genera and 20 species)

Family Tupaiidae (four genera and 19 species)

Genus Anathana
Madras Treeshrew (Anathana ellioti)

Genus Dendrogale (two species)
Bornean Smooth-tailed Treeshrew (Dendrogale melanura)
Northern Smooth-tailed Treeshrew (Dendrogale murina)

Genus Tupaia (15 species)
Northern Treeshrew (Tupaia belangeri)
Golden-bellied Treeshrew (Tupaia chrysogaster)
Striped Treeshrew (Tupaia dorsalis)
Common Treeshrew (Tupaia glis)
Slender Treeshrew (Tupaia gracilis)
Horsfield’s Treeshrew (Tupaia javanica)
Long-footed Treeshrew (Tupaia longipes)
Pygmy Treeshrew (Tupaia minor)
Calamian Treeshrew (Tupaia moellendorffi)
Mountain Treeshrew (Tupaia montana)
Nicobar Treeshrew (Tupaia nicobarica)
Palawan Treeshrew (Tupaia palawanensis)
Painted Treeshrew (Tupaia picta)
Ruddy Treeshrew (Tupaia splendidula)
Large Treeshrew (Tupaia tana)

Genus Urogale
Mindanao Treeshrew (Urogale evereti)

Family Ptilocercidae
Genus Ptilocercus
Pen-tailed Treeshrew (Ptilocercus lowii)

Order Dermoptera

Family Cynocephalidae

Order Chiroptera

Family Pteropodidae
Family Emballonuridae
Family Craseonycteridae
Family Rhinopomatidae
Family Nycteridae
Family Megadermatidae
Family Rhinolophidae
Family Phyllostomidae
Family Mormoopidae
Family Noctilionidae
Family Mystacinidae
Family Molossidae
Family Myzopodidae
Family Thyropteridae
Family Furipteridae
Family Natalidae
Family Vespertilionidae

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Order Primates

Family Daubentoniidae
Family Lemuridae
Family Lepilemuridae
Family Galagidae
Family Lorisidae
Family Cheirogaleidae
Family Indriidae
Family Tarsiidae
Family Cercopithecidae
Family Hominidae
Family Hylobatidae
Family Callitrichidae
Family Cebidae

Order Carnivora

Family Felidae (14 genera and 40 species)

Genus Panthera (four species)
Lion (Panthera leo)
Jaguar (Panthera onca)
Leopard (Panthera pardus)
Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Genus Uncia
Snow leopard (Uncia uncia)

Genus Neofelis (two species)
Clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)
Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi)

Genus Pardofelis (three species)
Marbled cat (Pardofelis marmorata)
Bay cat (Pardofelis badia)
Asian golden cat (Pardofelis temminckii)

Genus Leptailurus
Serval (Leptailurus serval)

Genus Caracal
Caracal (Caracal caracal)

Genus Profelis
African golden cat (Profelis aurata)

Genus Leopardus (nine species)
Pantanal cat (Leopardus braccatus)
Colocolo (Leopardus colocolo)
Geoffroy’s cat (Leopardus geoffroyi)
Kodkod (Leopardus guigna)
Andean mountain cat (Leopardus jacobitus)
Pampas cat (Leopardus pajeros)
Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)
Oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus)
Margay (Leopardus wiedii)

Genus Lynx (four species)
Canadian lynx (Lynx canadensis)
Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus)
Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Genus Puma (two species)
Cougar (Puma concolor)
Jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi)

Genus Acinonyx
Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)

Genus Prionailurus (four species)
Leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)
Flat-headed cat (Prionailurus planiceps)
Rusty-spotted cat (Prionailurus rubiginosus)
Fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus)

Genus Otocolobus
Pallas’s cat (Otocolobus manul)

Genus Felis (six species)
Chinese mountain cat (Felis bieti)
Domestic cat (Felis catus)
Jungle cat (Felis chaus)
Sand cat (Felis margarita)
Black-footed cat (Felis nigripes)
Wildcat (Felis silvestris)

Family Viverridae
Family Herpestidae
Family Hyaenidae

Family Canidae – (12 genera and 34 species)

Genus Canis (five species)
Gray wolf (Canis lupus) includes Domestic dogs
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) (sometimes considered a separate taxon)
Coyote (Canis latrans) Ethiopian or Abyssinian wolf (Canis simensis)
Golden jackal (Canis aureus)
Side-striped jackal (Canis adustus)
Black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas)

Genus Cuon
Dhole (Cuon alpinus)

Genus Lycaon
African wild hunting dog (Lycaon pictus)

Genus Atelocynus
Short-eared dog (Atelocynus microtis)

Genus Cerdocyon
Crab-eating fox (Cerdocyon thous)

Genus Lycalopex (formerly Pseudalopex) (six species)
Culpeo (Lycalopex culpaeus)
Darwin’s fox (Lycalopex fulvipes)
South American gray fox (Lycalopex griseus)
Pampas fox (Lycalopex gymnocercus)
Sechura fox (Lycalopex sechurae)
Hoary fox (Lycalopex vetulus)

Genus Chrysocyon
Maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus)

Genus Speothos
Bush dog (Speothos venaticus)

Genus Vulpes (12 species)
Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus)
Red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Swift fox (Vulpes velox)
Kit fox (Vulpes macrotis)
Corsac fox (Vulpes corsac)
Cape fox (Vulpes chama)
Pale fox (Vulpes pallida)
Bengal fox (Vulpes bengalensis)
Tibetan sand fox (Vulpes ferrilata)
Blanford’s fox (Vulpes cana)
Rüppell’s fox (Vulpes rueppelli)
Fennec fox (Vulpes zerda)

Genus Urocyon (three species)
Gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)
Island fox (Urocyon littoralis)
Cozumel fox (Urocyon sp. Unidentified species that is nearly extinct)

Genus Otocyon
Bat-eared fox (Otocyon megalotis)

Genus Nyctereutes
Raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)

Family Ursidae (five genera eight species)

Genus Ailuropoda
Giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

Genus Tremarctos
Spectacled bears (Tremarctos ornatus)

Genus Helarctos
Sun bear (Helarctos malayanus)

Genus Melursus
Sloth bear (Melursus ursinus)

Genus Ursus (four species)
American black bear (Ursus americanus)
Brown bear (Ursus arctos) – includes Eurasian brown bear, Kodiak bear, Grizzly bear, etc.
Polar bear (Ursus maritimus)
Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus)

Family Otariidae
Family Phocidae
Family Odobenidae

Family Mustelidae – (22 genera and 57 species)

Genus Arctonyx
Hog badger (Arctonyx collaris)

Genus Eira
Tayra (Eira Barbara)

Genus Galictis (two species)
Greater grison (Galictis vittata)
Lesser grison (Galictis cuja)

Genus Gulo
Wolverine (Gulo gulo)

Genus Ictonyx (two species)
Striped polecat (Ictonyx striatus)
Saharan striped polecat (Ictonyx libycus)

Genus Lyncodon
Patagonian weasel (Lyncodon patagonicus)

Genus Martes (eight species)
American marten (Martes americana)
Yellow-throated marten (Martes flavigula)
Beech marten (Martes foina)
Nilgiri marten (Martes gwatkinsii)
Pine marten (Martes martes)
Japanese marten (Martes melampus)
Fisher (Martes pennant)
Sable (Martes zibellina)

Genus Meles (three species)
Japanese badger (Meles anakuma)
Asian badger (Meles leucurus)
European badger (Meles meles)

Genus Mellivora
Honey badger (Mellivora capensis)

Genus Melogale (five species)
Bornean ferret-badger (Melogale everetti)
Chinese ferret-badger (Melogale moschata)
Javan ferret-badger (Melogale orientalis)
Burmese ferret-badger (Melogale personata)
Vietnam Ferret-badger (Melogale cucphuongensis)

Genus Mustela (17 species)
Amazon weasel (Mustela africana)
Mountain weasel (Mustela altaica)
Ermine (stoat) (Mustela ermine)
Steppe polecat (Mustela eversmannii)
Colombian weasel (Mustela felipei)
Long-tailed weasel (Mustela frenata)
Japanese weasel (Mustela itatsi)
Yellow-bellied weasel (Mustela kathiah)
European mink (Mustela lutreola)
Indonesian mountain weasel (Mustela lutreolina)
Black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes)
Least weasel (Mustela nivalis)
Malayan weasel (Mustela nudipes)
European polecat (Mustela putorius) – includes domesticated ferret
Siberian weasel (Mustela sibirica)
Back-striped weasel (Mustela strigidorsa)
Egyptian weasel (Mustela subpalmata)

Genus Neovison
American mink (Neovison vison)

Genus Poecilogale
African striped weasel (Poecilogale albinucha)

Genus Taxidea
American badger (Taxidea taxus)

Genus Vormela
Marbled polecat (Vormela peregusna)

Genus Aonyx (two species)
African clawless otter (Aonyx capensis)
Oriental small-clawed otter (Aonyx cinerea)

Genus Enhydra
Sea otter (Enhydra lutris)

Genus Lontra (four species)
North American river otter (Lontra Canadensis)
Southern river otter (Lontra provocax)
Neotropical river otter (Lontra longicaudis)
Marine otter (Lontra feline)

Genus Lutra (two species)
European otter (Lutra lutra)
Hairy-nosed otter (Lutra sumatrana)

Genus Hydrictis
Spotted-necked otter (Hydrictis maculicollis)

Genus Lutrogale
Smooth-coated otter (Lutrogale perspicillata)

Genus Pteronura
Giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)

Family Procyonidae (14 species in six genera)

Genus Procyon
Crab-eating raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus)
Cozumel raccoon (Procyon pygmaeus)
Common raccoon (Procyon lotor)

Genus Nasua
South American coati or ring-tailed coati (Nasua nasua)
White-nosed coati (Nasua narica)

Genus Nasuella
Western mountain coati (Nasuella olivacea)
Eastern mountain coati (Nasuella meridensis)

Genus Bassariscus
Ringtail (Bassariscus astutus)
Cacomistle (Bassariscus sumichrasti)

Genus Potos
Kinkajou (Potos flavus)

Genus Bassaricyon
Northern olingo or Gabbi’s olingo (Bassaricyon gabbii)
Eastern lowland olingo (Bassaricyon alleni)
Western lowland olingo (Bassaricyon medius)
Olinguito (Bassaricyon neblina)

Order Cetacea

Family Balaenopteridae
Family Eschrichtiidae
Family Balaenidae
Family Neobalaenidae
Family Physeteridae
Family Ziphiidae
Family Platanistidae
Family Delphinidae
Family Monodontidae
Family Phocoenidae

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Order Sirenia

Family Dugongidae
Family Trichechidae

Order Proboscidea

Family Elephantidae (two genera and three species)

Genus Elephas
Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)

Genus Loxodonta (two species)
African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana)
African forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis)

Order Perissodactyla

Family Equidae

Genus Equus
Wild horse (Equus ferus)
African Wild Ass (Equus africanus)
Onager or Asiatic Ass (Equus hemionus)
Kiang (Equus kiang)
Grevy’s Zebra (Equus grevyi) formerly Equus burchellii)
Plains Zebra (Equus quagga)
Mountain Zebra (Equus zebra)

Family Tapiridae
Family Rhinocerotidae

Order Hyracoidea

Family Procaviidae

Order Tubulidentata

Family Orycteropodidae

Order Artiodactyla

Family Suidae
Family Tayassuidae
Family Hippopotamidae
Family Camelidae
Family Tragulidae
Family Giraffidae
Family Moschidae
Family Cervidae
Family Antilocapridae
Family Bovidae

Genus Tetracerus
Four-horned antelope (Tetracerus quadricornis)

Genus Boselaphus
Nilgai or blue bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus)

Genus Bubalus
Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
Wild Asian water buffalo (Bubalus arnee)
Lowland anoa (Bubalus depressicornis)
Mountain anoa (Bubalus quarlesi)
Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis)

Genus Bos
Banteng (Bos javanicus)
Gaur (Bos gaurus)
Gayal (Bos frontalis)
Yak (Bos mutus or Bos grunniens)
Domestic cattle (Bos taurus)
Domestic zebu (Bos indicus)
Kouprey (Bos sauveli)

Genus Pseudoryx
Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis)

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Genus Syncerus
African buffalo (Syncerus caffer)

Genus Bison
American bison (Bison bison)
Wisent (Bison bonasus)

Genus Tragelaphus (antelope-like)
Bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus)
Greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)
Kéwel (Tragelaphus scriptus)
Imbabala (Tragelaphus sylvaticus)
Lesser kudu (Tragelaphus imberbis)
Mountain nyala (Tragelaphus buxtoni)
Nyala (Tragelaphus angasii)
Sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekeii)

Genus Taurotragus
Common eland (Taurotragus oryx)
Giant eland (Taurotragus derbianus)

Order Pholidota

Family Manidae

Order Rodentia

Family Aplodontiidae
Family Sciuridae

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Family Castoridae
Family Geomyidae
Family Heteromyidae
Family Dipodidae
Family Muridae
Family Anomaluridae
Family Pedetidae
Family Ctenodactylidae
Family Myoxidae
Family Bathyergidae
Family Hystricidae
Family Petromuridae
Family Thryonomyidae
Family Erethizontidae
Family Chinchillidae
Family Dinomyidae
Family Caviidae
Family Hydrochaeridae
Family Dasyproctidae
Family Agoutidae
Family Ctenomyidae
Family Octodontidae
Family Abrocomidae
Family Echimyidae
Family Capromyidae
Family Heptaxodontidae
Family Myocastoridae

Order Lagomorpha

Family Ochotonidae
Family Leporidae

Order Macroscelidea

Family Macroscelididae

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