Amphibians on Stamps

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Amphibians Postage Stamps

Order Anura (Frogs and Toads)

Over 6,000 species of frogs and toads. Order Anura is a diverse and largely carnivorous group of amphibians.

Family: Ascaphidae (tailed frogs)
Family: Bombinatoridae (fire-bellied toads )
Family: Discoglossidae ( painted frogs)
Family: Leiopelmatidae (New Zealand primitive frogs)
Family: Megophryidae (litter frogs)
Family: Pelobatidae (European spadefoot toads)
Family: Pelodytidae (parsley frogs)
Family: Scaphiopodidae (American spadefoot toads)
Family: Rhinophrynidae (Mexican burrowing toad)
Family: Pipidae (tongueless frogs.)
Family: Amphignathodontidae (marsupial frogs)
Family: Aromobatidae (skunk frog )
Family: Arthroleptidae (squeakers)
Family: Brachycephalidae (saddleback toads)
Family: Bufonidae (true toads)
Family: Calyptocephalellidae (helmeted water toad)
Family: Centrolenidae (glass frogs)
Family: Craugastoridae (fleshbelly frogs)
Family: Dendrobatidae (poison dart frogs)
Family: Eleutherodactylidae (rain frogs)
Family: Heleophrynidae (ghost frogs)
Family: Hemisotidae (shovelnose frogs)
Family: Hylidae (true tree frogs and relatives)
Family: Hylodidae (torrent frogs)
Family: Hyperoliidae (sedge frogs)
Family: Leiuperidae (snouted Frogs)
Family: Leptodactylidae (southern frogs, tropical frogs )
Family: Mantellidae (Malagasy frogs)
Family: Microhylidae (narrow-mouthed Toads)
Family: Myobatrachidae (Australian Froglets)
Family: Pseudidae (paradox Frogs)
Family: Ranidae (true frogs)
Family: Ranixalidae (Indian Frogs)
Family: Rhacophoridae (shrub frogs)
Family: Rhinodermatidae (Darwin’s frogs )
Family: Sooglossidae (Seychelles frogs and purple frog)
Family: Strabomantidae (robber Frogs)

Order Caudata (Salamanders)

Over 600 species of salamanders.

Family: Cryptobranchidae (Giant salamanders)
Family: Hynobiidae (Asiatic salamanders)
Family: Ambystomatidae (Mole salamanders)
Family: Amphiumidae (Amphiumas or Congo eels)
Family: Dicamptodontidae (Pacific giant salamanders)
Family: Plethodontidae (Lungless salamanders)
Family: Proteidae (Mudpuppies and olms)
Family: Rhyacotritonidae (Torrent salamanders)
Family: Salamandridae (Newts and true salamanders)
Family: Sirenidae (Sirens)

Order Gymnophiona (Caecilians)

Caecilians are an order of amphibians with nearly 200 species that superficially resemble earthworms.

Family: Rhinatrematidae
Family: Ichthyophiidae
Family: Scolecomorphidae
Family: Herpelidae
Family: Chikilidae
Family: Caeciliidae
Family: Typhlonectidae
Family: Indotyphlidae
Family: Siphonopidae
Family: Dermophiidae

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