Welcome to Animals On Stamps

Russia Kazakhstan 1992 Sc# 2 set Saiga Tatarica block 4 MNH

This is a website for anyone who loves stamps or animals, but it is especially for people who like both animals and stamps. You can enjoy the beautiful images of wildlife on the postal stamps shown on this website. You can also learn about the animals shown on the postage stamps and you can learn about the postage stamps, as well. You may even want to start your own topical stamp collection and enjoy the wonderful hobby of stamp collecting. So whether you are a biologist, a professional stamp collector, a stamp collecting beginner, or a young student I hope that you will enjoy Animals on Stamps. Visit us often to see what new animal stamps we have added to our Postage Stamp Zoo. ENJOY!!!!

Animals on Stamps  Tanzania Scott# 364-67   Africa Stamp Collecting  Topical Stamp Collection Insects  Animals of Africa   African Wildlife  Tanzania Insect Stamps

Animals on Stamps  Rottweiler Dog stamps  Dogs on Stamps   Topical Stamp Collecting cOLLECTION OF DOG STAMPS    Rottweilers On Stamps  Rottweiler Stamps

Tanzania - MNH - Nature  Penguins

Ruanda Urundi Topical Animals Collection

Mozambique 585-590, MI 648-653, MNH. Birds of Mozambique, 1978

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